We thought March the perfect month to present our first course within what will become our mindset for business series:
Your business vision – let your heart lead the way!

The course is run by our fabulous expert Bev Jones. It focuses on the steps you can take to visualise what you want your business to be, and how you want to see it grow in line with your ultimate goals. Along the way, Bev asks you why you went (or want to go) into business and what your motivations are. She then really gets to grips with your emotional business journey.

The course features a series of easy to listen to podcasts and accompanying workbooks.

Enjoy the course!

Here's a quick tip from Bev on how DE-cluttering can help improve your focus!

Where business feels good!

About your instructor

Heart-led, Big Vision Expert

Bev Jones

I’m an award-winning business coach, speaker and author. I left a 30-year corporate career in 2009 because of severe ‘burnout’ and began a journey of transformation and fulfillment. I now enable business owners to reach their full potential as well as take care of their inner resources and riches.