Pro-touch awareness month

October 2020

We’re so happy to announce year three of Pro-Touch Awareness Month - running again throughout the whole of October 2020.

Pro-Touch Awareness Month is all about building a collective campaign to raise awareness of the different hands-on therapies available - and the sharing of experiences that showcase the wonders of human touch and connection.

This years' event is happening in the throws of a global pandemic - with millions affected by CoVid-19 around the globe. The theme over in the live facebook forum is all about how we can touch the lives of others when we can't physically touch them - so do head over there to share your experiences and access the content over there too.

We ultimately want to come together to celebrate our amazing industry by being a force for good in the world and "paying it forward" to those who who are the most in need of touch and connection in society. Now, more than ever.


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