August can be a stressful time juggling your business life, home life, children and trying to have a holiday all at the same time! Maybe the holiday you did have didn’t feel like that much of a break – the break that your mind and body desperately needed.

We can all relate to this scenario – which is why we thought the launch of our new course would work perfectly at this time in the year. Often September can be a time of reflection after the madness of August and we look forward to settling back into our routines and creating new challenges.

We’ve called our new course ‘Mind, body, spirit – bring balance to your practice’ and we know you’re going to love it!

Three of our amazing HQ experts have collaborated together to create this inspired course, which features a series of six videos, two meditations and accompanying work books.

Here are Linda, Gary and Raegon to tell you a little bit about the course!

Enjoy the course!

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About your instructors

Linda Hill
Health and wellness expert

Linda loves helping people to develop a powerful vision for feeling better from within! She works with individuals to uncover what’s stopping them from having that feel-good factor in their life and in their health. She’s passionate about helping them plan for a well-balanced life – and a healthy future.

Gary Tranter
Yoga and spiritual expert

Gary is a qualified yoga and meditation teacher. Garys’ approach to teaching follows the essence of the sun power yoga philosophy, blending elements of styles to provide a fun, challenging and nourishing experience for the mind, body and spirit!

Raegon Guest

Raegon is our ‘Gal on the Ground’! She’s a new-start therapist and is following the member content and providing feedback to us at HQ. Raegon moved from her teaching job to become a stress management consultant. She now works with those in the education sector to implement stress reduction strategies for staff, children and families.