How important is client satisfaction?

We think you’ll agree that good customer service is the key to your therapy business having a lovely steady stream of happy clients who come back to you again and again and again.

Get your service right and everything else falls into place. Even the smallest thing you do to make your customer happy and special can make a HUGE difference to how your client will feel after leaving your therapy room. Excellent customer service will build your reputation, attract more customers and keep your existing customers coming back for more – they will also refer their friends and family to you – and how fantastic is that?

As a therapist, helping people and helping them to feel better about themselves is integral to what you do – so making their journey with you as amazing as possible is the cherry on the cake!

Our fabulous new course is all about making your clients journey extra special from the moment they pick up the phone to book, to leaving your salon after a treatment.

Written by our multi award-winning expert Helen Bullen – featuring a podcast and workbook – this course will help you identify each step of your clients’ journey with you. It includes advice on how to improve each experience – and Helen will also offer some invaluable top tips on how to get to grips with marketing your business on social media.

We hope you enjoy the course!

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About your instructor

Helen Bullen

Helen is a specialist therapist business coach, osteopath and owner of award winning Fine Fettle Multi-healthcare. She's won multiple awards and helps other therapists to make their own clinics profitable. She also own a successful mentoring business where she help therapists promote their practice.