We’re thrilled to be launching our new project:
Therapists for Cancer
championing complementary care!

This is such an important and emotive subject and very, very close to our hearts here at The Therapist Business Club. We want to share the amazing content, not only with therapists, but with as many people who've been touched by cancer as we can.

We are working and collaborating with the Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust and Gwyn Featonby, complementary therapist and tutor at the pioneering NHS Natural Health School in the amazing Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre. Our aim is to to help raise awareness of holistic and complementary treatments that are suitable for use alongside standard cancer care.

We hope to break down the myths and taboo about what, how and when these complementary treatments can be used to help cancer patients. With as many as one in two of us affected by cancer, we believe that expert advice and options for care will help those touched by this disease.

Here are co founders Lizzie Badge and Gary Tranter telling you a little bit about this special project!

The content will be a mix of videos, blogs, articles, interviews plus a virtual tour of the centre.

As a valued member of our club, you have access to this content along with invaluable member exclusive content that it is not available to non-members of the club!

If you believe that this content is as important as we do, we would love for you to help us to spread the word far and wide!

It's an absolute privilege for us to work with these amazing people and we feel blessed to be able to spread the word and raise much needed awareness!

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About your instructor

Gwyn Featonby

I am a qualified nurse, acupuncturist, hypnotherapist, reflexologist, and aromatherapist. Much of my work has been within hospitals and hospices, where I use many therapies including massage, acupuncture and reflexology to help adults and children manage symptoms related to cancer and other long term or life threatening illness.